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"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. ~ Albert Einstein "

Psi & ESP

New psychological evidence for a ‘sixth sense’

A line of research into what makes two people “click” may be leading to solid evidence of a sixth sense.

The research that is looking at the moment when two people find that “spark” during interaction — the moment of “oneness” — and it’s offering a compelling look at what happens in the mind and physiology when two people have a sense for what one another are thinking and feeling, beyond exchange of words and visual cues.

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Ganzfeld Telepathy Example

From Dean Radins blog:

Here's an example of data collected in a ganzfeld telepathy test session. This was conducted in our lab on September 10, 2010. My friend Gail was the receiver in this test; her friend Tom was the sender. This is Gail being prepped for exposure to the ganzfeld condition.

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The History of Remote Viewing

A great article here from the International Remote Viewing Association.

Remote viewing (RV) did not spring into existence overnight. Its earliest ancestors can be traced back thousands of years to the days of the early Greeks and beyond. But RV's most direct precursors date from the 1930's, beginning with experiments in clairvoyance under conscientious scientists like J.B. Rhine.

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Entangled Atoms

"I don't care too much what people think," says Dean Radin, Ph.D., senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. "I'm much more interested in tracking something which I think is meaningful and which I think eventually will become more and more meaningful. That's what science is all about. We're driven by curiosity."

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The Unexplained Powers of Animals

For many years, animal trainers, pet owners, and naturalists have reported various kinds of perceptiveness in animals that suggest the existence of psychic powers. Surprisingly little research has been done on these phenomena.

Biologists have been inhibited by the taboo against “the paranormal,” and psychical researchers and parapsychologists have (with few exceptions) confined their attention to human beings.

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Closer to Truth interviews Dean Radin

Check out this amazing series of videos on Closer to Truth with Dean Radin, Senior Scientist at the Noetic Institute.

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Mind Over Matter Toy

Ganzfeld Phenomena

This is a paper about the Ganzfeld Effect by Daryl J. Bem of Cornell University.

The ganzfeld procedure is a mild sensory isolation technique that was first introduced into experimental psychology during the 1930s and subsequently adapted by parapsychologists to test for the existence of psi--anomalous processes of information or energy transfer such as telepathy or other forms of extrasensory perception that are currently unexplained in terms of known physical or biological mechanisms.

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