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"It's not about the body; you are consciousness. That's what you are. Your consciousness is already out of your body. You don't need to get out of your body, you just need to get into your consciousness. ~ Thomas Campbell"

Breath Retraining, the Vagus Nerve, and Depression with Dr. Fred Muench

Dr. Fred Muench offers a unique perspective into the science and application of conscious breathing, with some startling revelations on the profound effects breathing has on depression, anxiety and hypertension. link to interview

What I find interesting about this article and using conscious breathing to stimulate the vagus nerve, is the correlations it has with the out of body sleep breathing technique that Nick Newport talks about on his lucidology videos. ...

He recommends simulating the type of breathing that is natural to the sleep state to "trick the body" into falling asleep, thus initiating sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis often comes with a feeling of constriction in the chest area, perhaps this could relate to the type of breathing, abdominal rather than chest breathing.. I have also read research that shows an increase in acetylcholine activity during REM and a burst of activity just prior to sleep paralysis. So I wonder if using this deep breathing with an emphasis on slow exhalation technique to stimulate the vagus nerve, could be useful in inducing an out of body experience... This site http://eiriu-eolas.org/ has an online video in which they explain the breathing technique in greater detail.

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