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"A physicist is just an atom's way of looking at itself. ~ Niels Bohr "

Consciousness Survives the Death of the Body

“The evidence thus far suggests that in the first few minutes after death, consciousness is not annihilated. Whether it fades away afterwards, we do not know, but right after death, consciousness is not lost. We know the brain can’t function when the heart has stopped beating. But in this case conscious awareness appears to have continued for up to three minutes into the period when the heart wasn’t beating, even though the brain typically shuts down within 20-30 seconds after the heart has stopped."


OBE Update 1 - Progress is progress

Update Oct 2014: Due to my partner also being interested in obe and lucid dreaming, my motivation to success has been recently reignited. We have both been making slow progress, and by comparing our individual approaches, have been able to find a few more pieces of the puzzle. Some of this might seem obvious, but for us there have been several blindspots we have discovered along the way, so I'll put this out there as it may inspire others who have had similar hinderances.

My First Floatation Tank Experience

My First Floatation Tank Experience.

Tomorrow I am doing my first ever floatation tank. I'm well read up on the subject so I thought a before and after impression would give an interesting perspective. Intellectual vs experiential..

So, what do I expect?

A Hypnotic Suggestion Can Generate True and Automatic Hallucinations


A multidisciplinary group of researchers from Finland (University of Turku and University of Helsinki) and Sweden (University of Skövde) has now found evidence that hypnotic suggestion can modify processing of a targeted stimulus before it reaches consciousness.


Russell Targ talk - Everything I know about ESP

"Placebo: Cracking the Code"

Tom Campbell - My Big TOE

If you've been to my website a few times, or follow the Emerging Paradigms facebook page you've probably noticed that I'm quite a fan of Tom Campbells theories and ideas. Tom is the author of an amazing trillogy of books, collectively known as "My Big TOE". He is also a physicist and experienced "out of body" researcher, he is referred to in Monroe's "Far Journeys" as TC Physicist. If you are fascinated by consciousness and the nature of reality, this is the #1 book I would most highly recommend you read in 2013. It is quite a mindful of information, but well worth the journey!

Link to a collection of videos and pdfs from Toms lectures on his TOE, as well as upcoming lectures: MBTevents

Link to Tom's youtube channel

Link to My Big TOE on Google Books

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